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General Terms and Conditions for Customers

The ‘General Terms and Conditions for Customers’ are applicable to the relations between Octopus Online Stores referred as “OctopusOS.nl” and the Customers.

1. Definitions:

Agreement: an agreement between the Customer and the Store regarding an Order placed and the delivery of the Order.
Carrier: a person working for OctopusOS.nl who performs the delivery of an Order in the context of the Delivery Services.

Customer: a natural person or legal entity placing an Order through the Platform.
Offer: the products offered by the Store that can be ordered by the Customer through the Platform. The Offer may include special deals and discounts as placed by the Store on the Platform.
Order: an order placed by the Customer with the Store through the Platform.
Platform: the website and app of OctopusOS.nl where the Service is made available to the Customer to order products from participating Stores.
Service: the commercial services offered to the Customer by OctopusOS.nl.
Store: a shop that sells groceries, lifestyle products, ready to eat snacks, drinks, beverages and other related products and uses the Platform for the establishment and payment of the Agreements.
Store information: the information about the Store with regards to, company and contact information, general information, product range, prices for each individual product including VAT, company logo, graphics and minimum order amounts.
Tip: voluntary amount paid by a Customer intended for the Carrier delivering the Order.

2. Octopus Online Stores Operational details:

Registered in The Netherlands under KVK number: 83660925 Address: Gerdesiaweg 21, 3061 EL, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. BTW Number: NL862950272B01
Bank Details: ING

Account number: NL74 INGB 0008 1868 46 Email: Info@octopusOS.nl
Whatsapp: +31 (0) 63315 7832

3. Applicability:

  1. The present General Terms and Conditions for Customers are only applicable to the Service and any General terms and conditions for any offers are provided by the Store. OctopusOS.nl is not responsible for the Offer.

  2. Once the order is confirmed the Customer is directly in the Agreement with the Store for delivery of the Order / Offer. The Order once placed cannot be cancelled for a refund except in the case the Store is cancelling the order as per Article 6 below.

4. Offer:

  1. The Offer published on the Platform is what the Store has added and is on behalf of the Store. OctopusOS.nl shall not accept any responsibility or liability for the contents of the Offer and the Store information on the Platform. The Store may sell products / ready meals that causes allergies and intolerances. If a Customer is allergic to something, then we recommend the Customer should call the Store and mention the same before placing an Order. Once the order is placed it cannot be later cancelled due to this reason.

  2. The Store information on the Platform is provided giving clarity to the Customer what their rights and obligations are after accepting the Offer.

5. Agreement:

  1. The Agreement is effective the minute the Customer confirms the Order by clicking the ‘Pay now’ button on our Platform.

  2. The Agreement can only be performed by the Store and delivered by Octopus online stores if the Customer provides correct contact and complete address details when placing the Order.

  3. Once the order is placed and confirmed the Customer is required to be available by the telephone for both the Store and Octopus online stores.

  4. The Customer must be present at the delivery address indicated in order to accept the Ordered items.

  5. OctopusOS.nl charges the Customer for the delivery costs. The current delivery costs are stated on the Platform before a customer places an Order.

  6. Upon ordering alcoholic or other products with age limit, the Customer confirms that he/she will show the identification to the carrier on delivery. As per applicable laws and regulations, OctopusOS.nl will ask the Customer for identification. Failure to provide the identification our driver will not deliver these items and bring it back to the Store. The Customer will be charged for cancellation fee and incorrect information, which will be same as the value of the cancelled item.

  7. OctopusOS.nl does not accept any liability relating to the execution of the Agreement.

  8. The Customer is free to Tip a carrier the amount he/she feels is reasonable and at their

    own sole discretion. The Tip can be paid when placing the Order on the Platform or in

    cash to the carrier on delivery.

  9. The Tip is transferred to the carrier and cannot be considered as part of our services.

  10. Once the Tip has been placed when confirming the order, it cannot be refunded, returned

    or adjusted in any other order.

6. Agreement Dissolution and Order Cancellation:

  1. Orders once placed and confirmed, cannot be cancelled or dissolved by the Customer.

  2. If somehow the product is not available or out of stock last minute, and the Store shop on

    our website if not updated due to this nature, then the Store can cancel the Order.

  3. The Order can also be cancelled immediately upon receipt by OctopusOS.nl or the Store if

    the Customer has provided an incorrect or inoperative telephone number or other contact


  4. The Order cancellation can also happen in case of force majeure.

  5. If the Customer places a false Order by providing wrong address or contact details, by not

    being present at the address for delivery, or fails to comply with the obligations of the Agreement, then OctopusOS.nl will not refund the order amount to the Customer and may also refuse to accept any future Orders from such Customers.

  6. Such fraudulent activities as mentioned in article 6.4 may also be reported to the police.

7. Payment:

  1. The Agreement is concluded in accordance with the provisions of article 5.1 of these General Terms and Conditions for Customers. The Customer is obliged to complete the payment by using our Platform.

  2. The Payment (partial or entire) will be returned to the Customer in case of any cancellation subject to the provisions mentioned in Article 6 of these General Terms and Conditions for Customers. The refund will always be made to the same account as the one used by the Customer at payment stage. The refund process may take upto 7 (seven) working days.

  3. OctopusOS.nl has an agreement with the Store to accept the payment on their behalf.

8. Complaints and settlement:

  1. OctopusOS.nl is an intermediator between the Store and the Customer. If the Customer has any complaints about the Order, Product or the Offer from the Store, then we will do our best to resolve this, but will not be solely held responsible for such complaints.

  2. If the Customer’s complaint is regarding the Service provided by OctopusOS.nl, then the same should be sent to us in writing via post or email at the contact address / details

indicated in Article 2 of the General Terms and Conditions for Customers. We aim to

handle all complaints within and no later than 10 working days.

  1. The Complaints should be filed no later than 2 working days from the identification of the

    same by the Customer. The nature of the Complaint should be thoroughly explained along with Store details where Store is responsible or Service details where OctopusOS.nl is responsible, and with a valid proof (where and if applicable).

  2. The European Commission manages an ODR platform. This platform can be found
    on http://ec.europa.eu/odr. OctopusOS.nl explicitly excludes the use of any Alternative Dispute Resolution as referred to in Directive 2013/11/EU.


9. Professional Liability Insurance:

OctopusOS.nl has a professional liability insurance with the below organization and so far valid in The Netherlands only.

10. Newsletter:

It is solely on the Customer to decide if they wish to receive / subscribe to the newsletter that may contain special deals / offers provided by the stores.

11. Personal data:

OctopusOS.nl shall process personal data relating to the Customer. The processing of personal data is subject to the Privacy Statement.

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Octopus Online Stores

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